Lighthouse Robaleira feeds on wind and solar energy

The port of Ferrol installed in Cedeira generator designed a pioneer in the area.

Robaleira Lighthouse located at the tip Promontory in the estuary of Cedeira, is the first of the lighthouses that manages the Port Authority of Ferrol-San Cibrao, with a beacon that works with alternating solar and wind energy.

This beacon was active gas from its origins until 1994 its power system was modified to use solar panels, betting and for photovoltaics. But because in the winter months, the days are shorter and there is less light and the rains diminish the capacity of solar panels, the navigation system suffered major swings in charging their batteries. Therefore, the proposed Puerto innovation signals navaids introducing a new source of renewable energy generation: wind. A company in the area, Pollux Hispania, a pioneer designed small wind generator.